You can reclame your VAT

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– You must have a residential address outside the EU
– When you travel on holiday to Denmark from your residence outside the EU and travel back again when your holiday is over.

1.The item must be shipped out of the EU before the end of the third month following the month of purchase.

2.The item must cost at least DKK 300.00
(For Norway and the Åland Islands, the amount is DKK 1,200.
See special information in the section

3. You must bring the goods with you when you travel out of Denmark, or send them to a country outside the EU.

Here’s how you do it :
1. Get an invoice from the store

You must have an invoice from us. – The invoice must state:
– Date of issue
– Oure compagny name and address
– The business’s VAT registration number
– Your name and address abroad
Number of goods, type and value (sales price with VAT and VAT amount).
– You must prove to the store where you live outside the EU by showing your        passport, identity card or other identification.

2. Send or take the item out of the country
You can get the VAT back, regardless of whether you take the item yourself or send it home.
When you travel out of the EU, you must have the customs authorities of the EU country you are traveling from to stamp your invoice.
To get the stamp, you must present the following: Passport Ticket or itinerary documentation of your residence outside the EU.
Be sure to get the stamp immediately before departure on the same day you travel. If you travel from Denmark to another EU country
before you leave the EU, is the customs authority of the EU country concerned, who must stamp your invoice.
This applies regardless of whether you travel by plane, car, train or ferry. If you travel via several airports,
it is the customs authorities at the last airport before you leave the EU, there must stamp your invoice,
unless at the beginning of the journey you have checked the item in to your final destination outside the EU, then the Danish Customs must stamp your invoice.

3. Send the invoice to the store
Once you have your invoice stamped or received a proof or certificate, you must send the invoice or proof / certificate to us.
We will then send you the VAT amount.

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